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Choose your pricing plan

  • Nanina's Starter Kit

    Every month
    Perfect for those new to Nanina Ra Healing Arts.
    • Organic Healing Lotion
    • Organic Healing Shampoo
    • Himilaya Pink Salt Scrub
    • Normally $65 for each item
  • Nanina's Advance Kit

    Every month
    Includes our Starter Kit, Plus Detox Bath and Oil
    • Starter Kit - Lotion, Shampoo, Scrub
    • Healing Detox Bath + Instructions
    • Roll-on Spiritual Healing Oil
    • Normally $120 Sold Seperatly
  • Super Healing Kit

    Every month
    Nanina Ra's Super Healing Plan
    • Advance Hemp Healing Dextox Scrub
    • Black Volcanic Cleansing Butter
    • Euclyptus & Peppermint Facial Healing Scrub
    • Organic Hemp Shae Butter for Infilliamation and Pain
    • Normally over $300 purchased seperately

Welcome to one of the new Features of Nanina Healing Arts. Now you can subscribe to our various bundles and special kits that used to be available only to those who knew about them. But now these are available to the public.

Every box will leave each month on the 15th and will contain the best of the best of my product line. For those interested in our seasonal items, I'll be revealing them in posts on my social media and in my newsletter.

Curious about what goes in our boxes or our seasonal items? Subscribe or follow me on social media below

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