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Welcome to our brand new redesign of Nanina Ra Healing Arts. We strive to help like always Heal your Mind, Body, and Spirit. So take a look and our new items, new services, and our brand new subscription boxes.

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In Store


Nanina's Vision

Priestess, Healer, and Life Coach


The mission of Nanina Ra is to help our clients stay healthy, feel good, and look beautiful by creating herbal  healing products. Nanina Ra uses an holistic approach  which is essential, because everything is energy, and everything is connected.


Holistic healing touches every level of our being - the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.  Nanina approaching Holistic healing spiritually so it can be part of the deepest, most profound  level of healing.  


Nanina Ra was founded 2005 by Iya Nanina Ra after a life alternating experience which lead her to connect body, mind and spirit with ancestral medicine through Ifa. After coming in contact with Ifa, she dived deeply into the uses of herbs, plants, essential oils, and shea butter that has the most positive impact on the body.


Through ancestorial medicine, Nanina Ra discovered that herbs, plants, and roots, are a way to heal, protect, and keep the skin healthy. Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, how we take care of it is critical.


The goal Nanina Ra is to introduce the public to a plant-based holistic skincare regimen that would help people who are experiencing challenges associated with modern life and exposure to various pollutants. 


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Nanina Ra's Services

Holistic Body Care

Various Detox Treatments

Life Coaching

Healing Arts





Nanina's Feed


“Absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much for everything!

Teresa T.

I love the products, Nanina Ra has. I think she's is wonderful

Susan S.

Nanina is one of those rare & beautiful souls who takes the time to listen, feel & uplift. Im already in love with her natural body care products, and excited to continue the connection in her online community.

Isabella M.

Such a great experience and such a wealth of knowledge! I know where I’ll be getting all of my holistic, healing products from!! Thank you!!

Brenda B.

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