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About Our Scrubs

Our Himalayan Salt Scrubs. Here you can find a list of our scrubs and their meanings. Each one can also be found as body-washes, lotions, shampoos or essential oil blends.



Realigns all the Chakras in the body. Chakras are the regulators of mental, spiritual, and physical energies in the body. If they are out of alignment, it can cause mental fatigue, illness, anxiety, lowered energy, and a host of effects.



Mountain. High energy that balances mental, physical and spiritual energy balanced. Stabilizes the root of the being.

Red Rose


Increases one's vibration level. What this means is syncing better with the universe. Roses are one of the most potent at raising inner vibration



The River Goddess. She is responsible for money, sexuality, sweetness and desire. She brings your prayers, your hopes and your dreams down the river to the great ocean mother. What you speak, she listens, what you pray, she receives, what you dream, she dreams with you.

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The Warrior. For the preparation of incoming battles. For if and when you need to fight. Sango increases your strength and your fortitude to grab victory. Fear shall not hold, your shoulders shall not crumble.



The Wind. For energy and excitement. For the thrill of enjoying everything around you. The joy of freedom. Ouya dances and sings with you



For emotional pain, a balm that soothes the mental wounds and aids in emotional recovery and healing mental scars.  Amber will ward away the pests that seek to feed on you.



The Ocean Mother. What you speak, what you pray, what you think, what you put out into the universe is brought down the river to the Great Mother. What she receives, she manifests; positive or negative. Yamoyja returns greater than what she receives



Calms the mood. For anxiety, nervousness, tension if you're running a hot temper. Frankincense will even out your emotional levels.



Sexuality. Awakens and increases you or your chosen partner's libido - Spring Seasonal



Romance. Increases you or your chosen partner's attraction levels towards each other. Spring Seasonal



Easing down, Calms your libido if it is raging out of control



Control. For when things get overwhelming and becomes too much to handle. DragonsBlood is the break glass in case of fire scrub.


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Sleep. A gentle herb that aids with sleep. For restless nights and nightmares. Lavender illuminates.



Memory.  A soothing herb, partnered to lavender. Promotes times awake and aides with memory. Rosemary recalls



Purity. A cleansing herb. Purifies the air, dis-invites negative energy and primes the enviroment for inviting back positive energy. Sage greets

Tangerine & Mango


Energy. For when you are lagging during the day. A boost to the energy reserves.  Summer Seasonal

Eucalyptus & Peppermint


Restoration. For soreness, muscle tension, flu, allergies, headaches, migraines and sinuses. Strengthens the body to speed up recovery.

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