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The Vision

I believe that everything we need for our health can be obtained naturally and using a combination of both modern and traditional practices, We can have the best of both both worlds.

Inside my store you'll find are various holistic products, bath salts, shower scrubs, facial treatments and detox cleansers made a variety of natural salts including Himalayan & Dead Sea salts.


Our salts are blended with fresh herbs and oils for the ultimate bathing experience. Our Shea butters, lotions and oils come in a variety of scents that leave the skin moisturized and refreshed without that oily feeling that's common place in today’s products.


We use the best of ingredients from all around the world and avoid the use of any artificial products. There aren't any artificial dyes, binders, preservatives, alcohols, bleaches, hormones or anything that you can't recognize on the back of our labels.

As a Priestess, I'm available by appointment for life coaching, consultations and healing sessions.  I used to have person in person appointments, but due to the recent events, I have shifted over to doing Zoom and Skype Sessions.


 Nanina's Corner

My blog where I share my knowledge on Life, Herbalism or just where I'll be during the year. Or if you want to connect with me, subscribe to our newsletter, follow me on twitter or add my facebook page
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